Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dying Fabrics

This was my first attempt at dying fabrics, and i think they turned out quite well. The silk and cotton were both dyed in acid dyes. The colours came out much stronger on the silk and were more muted on the cotton.

These second lot of fabrics were dyed in a similar way, but they were dyed with porcine dyes. The two worked better on the silk fabric but also worked quite well on the cotton too.

Koda - Trace Production

I have used images from my first project and traced them onto acetate using china graph pencils, Indian ink and permaball pens because these are good opaque materials to make sure no light can get through when the screen is exposed.
Once these were finished i had to produce the silk screen, this involved coating the screen with light sensitive emulsion. when it is dry i placed the acetate onto the screen and put the screen into the exposure unit. When the screen had been fully exposed it was ready to be washed leaving my image behind. Then when it was dry again it was ready to use to print.

Printed and Embellished Surfaces

This is my second project at college. The first half of the project is going to involve learning how to print and dye onto fabrics using many different techniques. The second half is going to involve embellishing onto different fabrics. I will also be using the drawing from the first project in this one too.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Visual Language

I have recently finished my first project at university called visual language. This involved producing many different sheets of drawings, all experimenting with using different media, also improving my skills on photoshop.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Summer Project - Birds

I made hanging birds out of pretty printed fabrics inspired by Cath Kidston, for my friends as gifts.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Summer Project - Cushions

Patch work cushions made from Cath Kidston print fabric and Liberty's print fabric.

Summer Project - Royal Wedding

For the Royal wedding 2010, I produced handmade bunting, that was hung in the garden as we celebrated the wedding.